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Top 9 Biggest Casino Wins in History

Published 7 months ago
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Whether you are testing blind luck or you are a genius at casino games, the thought of becoming a jackpot winner is unavoidable. Many people believe that casino games operate in a way that does not allow people to win; instead they incur huge loses in the long run. Writers on how to win in casino imply that the psychological tricks determine whether a player will win or not. For instance, a key belief is that players are offered opportunities to win a particular amount, allowing them to rush back into the casino game. However, there are real cases of people who have left online casino and casino gaming with millions! Here at the G Club casino online (คาสิโนออนไลน์), we have compiled a list of top 9 biggest casino wins in history

  1. Don Johnson ($15.1 million)

Don Johnson’s gambling tactics makes him a highly sought-after character in casino games. Don negotiates rules with casinos and dealers to gain higher winning chances, unlike other gamers who rely on tricks and count cards. Although he got 20% pay checks with the right to waggle even $25,000, some casinos offered him 10% pay checks. Due to his technique and skills, he managed to earn $15.1 million in only six months. 

Source: 888Casino


  1. John Heywood (17.8 million Euros)

In October 2015, John, a British soldier, won an incredible 13, 213, 813 Euros. John won only 25 minutes after creating a betway profile. During this time, his win was the largest Mega Moolah jackpot in online casino before it was challenged by the September 2018 Mega Moolar prize.

  1. Anonymous (18.9 million Euros)

In September 2018, a gamer broke the record of online casino gaming. He played the Mega Moolah at the Grand Mondial online casino to win a whopping 18, 915. 872 million Euros. The anonymous player set this record with a less than 75% bet and fewer than 50 spins. His win marks the biggest Mega Moolar win so far, as he challenged Jon Heywood’s challenge recorded in 2015. 

Source: Microgaming

  1. Elmer Sherwin ($18.9 million)

Elmer Sherwin, a two-time Megabucks winner in Las Vegas, is among the biggest casino wins in history. He recorded his first win ($4.6 million) in 1989, when the Last Vegas Strip opened the Mirage. In September 2005, secured the $21, 147, 947 jackpot at the Cannery Casino and Hotel Megabucks machine is Las Vegas. He offered most of his winnings to the victims of Hurricane Katrina and supported his family, before passing on in 2007. 

  1. Johanna Heundl ($22.6million)

Johanna, a 74-year old American pensioner and Austrian immigrant, won a whopping $22, 618, 156 at Bally’s casino in Los Angeles, where she had decided to take a breakfast trip. She beat all odds winning after betting on only three one-dollar coins. It took her by surprise as she won in one spin only.

Source: Casino Games

  1. Cynthia Jay-Brennan ($34.95million)

In 2000, Cynthia, a cocktail waitress, won a whopping $34, 959, 458 at the Megabucks lottery jackpot slot (สล็อตออนไลน์) machine in Las Vegas. She was just celebrating her mother-in-law’s birthday when she decided to try the lottery and won. Unfortunately, 35 weeks after her win, life took a twisted turn as she got involved in an accident that left her lower body paralysed and killed her sister. 

Source: Casino Games



  1. Anonymous ($39.7 million)

In March 2003, an engineer from Los Angeles went to Las Vegas to watch a basketball game. Before the game started, visited the Excalibur casino and spent $100 at the slot machines, which earned in an incredible $39, 713, 982. Representing one of the major casino games winnings in Las Vegas, he opted to remain anonymous only to be remembered as “an engineer”. Also, he decided to receive $1,500, 000 in his account annually, rather than receiving his winning at once.

  1. Archie Karas ($40 million)

Archie, a key high stake gambler, has gained huge amounts of money from casino games, beginning from as low as $50. At some point, he lost $2million, but that did not hinder him from gambling. In 1992 in Las Vegas, he won $40milion, which he managed to convert to $1million at the Desert Inn Casino. His story has a sad ending, as ran out of luck and lost his money. Eventually, Last Vegas and Nevada casinos banned him for life. Although his is a sad story, his wins are here to stay!

Source: Casino Bonus

  1. Gloria McKenzi ($590.5 million)

On May 2013, in Zephyrhills Florida, Gloria McKenzi, a 84 year old grandmother, bagged the biggest casino win of $ 590.5 million. Surprisingly, the annual budget of Zephyrhills is worth only a tenth of Gloria’s prize.  It is said that when she was in the queue, she let someone cut her in line, and therefore, it is easy to say that her simple act of kindness was worth millions.

Source: NY Daily News


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