Best Places to Visit in Bangkok After Quarantine Ends

Published on 2020-04-24 22:25:09
5 min read

As we sit at home waiting for Covid19 epidemic to end, we are definitely thinking about the places to visit after quarantine. Although we may be unable to travel now, we have adequate time to plan for the next big adventure! While you make plans for when movement restrictions are lifted, check out these key attractions in Bangkok: 

  1. Grand Palace

It is, undoubtedly, the most famous attraction in Thailand. The Grand Palace was constructed in 1782 and was home to the administrative government seat, the Royal Court, and the Thai King for more than 150 years. The most interesting thing about this attraction located on the eastern side of Chao Phraya is the intricate detail and architecture of its royal buildings, museums, temples, halls, figures, and statues. It is definitely worth 3 to 4 hours of your time! A visit to Bangkok would be incomplete without it.

  1. Wat Pho

Wat Pho is the largest and oldest temple in Bangkok. Also known as, the “Temple of the Reclining Buddha”, Wat Pho is home to the breathtaking 46 meters long reclining Buddha image and various Buddha images. It is the earliest public education center in Thailand, and specializes in literature, science, and religion. It is located in proximity to the Grand Palace (only a ten-minute walk!). Since the temple complex has fewer visitors than the nearby Grand Palace, it is a great place to relax. 

  1. Lumphini Park

The Lumphini Park, named after the birthplace of Buddha in Nepal, is the most popular and largest park in central Bangkok. Established in the 1920s, the magnificent park is home to a variety of fauna and flora. The multifunctional park allows visitors to engage in activities such as social dancing, Tai Chai, reading books, playing music and games, and exercising. The park is open to the public, who are not required to pay any entrance fee. 

  1. Dusit Zoo

Also referred to as “Khao Din”, Dusit Zoo is an animal park with a sightseeing train, educational center, canteen, activities ground, and most importantly, a zoo museum and animal hospital. It is home to approximately 1,600 international and domestic animals that include white Bengal tigers and albino barking deer. The zoo covers 188,000sqm and is centrally located in the city’s administrative center, in proximity to significant landmarks like the Chitralada Palace, Parliament, and The Ananta Samakhom Throne Hall. 

  1. Vimanmek Mansion

It is the world’s largest teakwood structure located in the city’s Dusit district. Constructed in 1900, the mansion was King Rama V’s royal residence. The mansion is an architectural wonder, as it was constructed using teakwood only. Its interior resembles as living museum where visitors can walk through and marvel at the unique pieces of furniture and art, which belonged to the king.  The palace, located close to the Ananata Samkhom and the Dusit is definitely worth 2hours of your time. 

  1. Maeklong Railway Market

Located in the Samut Singkhram Province in the southwest side of the city, Maeklong is a traditional Thai market that sells fruit, food, and vegetables. It is referred to as a “railway market” as it covers a section of a train line that is over 100 years. Sometimes (usually an average of eight times a day),the train moves through the market forcing vendors to remove their produce from the train trucks and move them back once the train passes. Tourists visit the Maeklong railway Market independently. However, as a visitor, you can also opt for a tour guide to the market and neighboring floating markets. 

  1. Bangkok Puppet Show

The Bangkok Puppet Show hosted at the Aksra theatre is among the best shows that you will experience in the city. The puppeteers, who wear black, are part of the audience and only control the puppet’s head, arms, and legs. The audience also gets to experience a live orchestra combining Thai and European instruments, which plays in the background during the show. If you visit Bangkok, the show is a must-see. 

  1. Go to any street massage saloon

A trip to Bangkok would not be complete without visiting a massage salon. Some of the places to get an authentic massage during your visit include Spa Burasari Bangkok, Omroom, Preme Spa, Spa by Le Meridien, Bangkok Float Center, The Orchid Thai Massage and Nail Spa, Master Toddy’s Muay Thai, and Foot Master. It should be on top of your list in addition to the delicious street food, the beautiful architecture, and Thai temples. 

  1. Chinatown

It is the city’s most unchanged, authentic, and vibrant neighborhoods, mostly inhabited by Thais of Chinese origin. Chinatown provides visitors with opportunities to discover the uniqueness of the daily life in the city. The neighborhood is home to important landmarks such as Wat Traimit, Wat Mangkon, Hualamphong railway station, and street art. China town is also popular for its prowess in street food- it has some of the best street foods in the world!

  1. Sathorn Unique Tower

A key destination for urban explorers, the tower is among the structures constructed in the 1900s when Thai’s economy began thriving. Although it is not open to the public, some visitors still find a way inside. However, getting into the tower is risky as falling debris, lack of walls, and huge holes on the structure are a threat. 

  1. Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Park and Casino

Bangkok Marriott Marquis Queen’s Parks helps visitors connect with city’s vibrancy and energy. Suitable for business vacations and trips, the park provides revelers with refined hotel suites with polished décor and luxurious amenities. The 5-star resort also offers revelers the casino that is incomparable to any other. Check out GClub (จีคลับ) for some interesting casino games and slots (สล็อตออนไลน์). Be it entertainment, shopping, or business, the Bangkok Marriot Marquis Queen’s Park has you covered!

Staying at home does not mean that you cannot plan for a vacation while you are in quarantine. I hope you are now informed on the best places to visit in Bangkok after quarantine ends. However, until dust settles, stay safe and self-isolate.