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Thanks to its colonial past and laid-back lifestyle, Pondicherry has a special ambiance quite unlike any other city. The French influence combined with the local Tamil culture make for a charming mix. In the “French Quarter” many street names are displayed in both French and Tamil on characteristic blue enamel boards similar to the ones used in France. The broad stone paved roads and colonial buildings of the ”French Quarter” take you back in time to a more tranquil era. Sometimes Pondicherry is romantically referred to as the ‘French Riviera of the East’.

Pondicherry, today, is an extremely vibrant town, it is growing economically and developing in to a major tourist hub. The city is also gaining popularity as a retirement destination owing to its peaceful, safe environment and slow pace of life. Artists, writers and designers too have come to settle here or spend some time. The cultural mix providing them with a good source of inspiration.

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