How Vastu Can Correct Bad Addiction of Alcohol? Vastu & Alcohol, Bad Addictions

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How Vastu Can Correct Bad Addiction of Alcohol?
Vastu and alcohol, bad addictions- A person’s nature, temperament and habits are all determined by the environment and surrounding in which he lives. When a person is surrounded by negative energies, his thinking and analyzing power loses control over his mind and he gets deviated from the path of righteousness and good conduct. His mind fails to function properly and distinguish good from bad. The end result brings about only disaster for such a person as he gets into wrongs lines and habits like getting addicted to alcohol etc. Vastu professional and expert, Dr. Puneet Chawla, helps find answers to these life problems via the media of Vastu. He claims that Vastu has such positive vibrations which tend to clear the surrounding off all negativities, thereby making room for fresh and positive energies and thought processes. Listen to this video in which he addresses his millions of followers on the topic located worldwide.
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