How to Setup and Arrange Household Things ? (Part 1) Important Vastu Suggestion for Household Things

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The flashing video has suggestions relating to directions of assembling and arranging household items at proper place. Out of five vaastu tips, the 1st tip conveys that keys of your vehicle and house should be kept in northeast direction at proper place for your own convenience. 2nd vaastu tip conveys that Unkempt cloths should be put in the west portion of the house to get rid of any mess and complexities of life. As per 3rd tip of Vaastu, one ought to store medicines either in northeast or north in separate boxes.Such practice increases the potency of medicines to heal the inmates. the 4th tips conveys that Diseases will increase as much as they get exposed. West direction is fine for keeping footwear & shoes as per 3rd tip while stationery utilized for business purpose should be kept in the north portion of the house.So, keep them concealing.
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