Do You Know Vastu is a Science? Is There Any Scientific Study Which Supports Vastu Shastra?

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Vastu is a science- Vastu Shastra, as the name implies, is an age-old, ancient science based on Hindu Puranas and Upanishads which determine the architecture and designing of a structure, commercial or residential, well synchronized and balanced with the five elements of nature in alignment with the ten major directions, as demonstrated by the earth’s axis. This science is being followed since time immemorial by our ancestors and even the protagonists of our epics like Ramayana and Mahbharata used to follow and abide by its principles as they assured health, wealth, happiness and well-being for them. We have stepped into the twenty first century but the science of Vastu still remains to affect our lives drastically. The logical and practical applications of Vastu, if followed meticulously, can bring about happiness and success in abundance for every human being. Hear Dr. Puneet Chawla talk about this ancient science in detail in this video.
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