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I'm re installing SSL Certificate from Starfield Technologies on Parallel's Plesk 11.5 showing error.

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SSL Certificate failed to install on my dedicated server second time, Plesk shows "Unable to set the certificate: Incompatible private key/certificate pair" i'm new to these things and don't know what is CSR?
The SSL is from GoDaddy and i almost tried everything, please help, thanks in advance and sorry for mistakes.
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first check that the file you are uploading is actually the certificate not the key or both combined in a file like some certificates does.
if you don't have the above problem, then just open the certificate with notepad or any text editor and copy paste the code between:


unique key


in certificate private key section, and


unique certificate


in certificate section, save and check if it works or not, i think it will work.
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Check in some folder of your server as they always save a copy of your certificate somewhere inside, and I think @mgks is right !!
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thanks @mgks, really helped me
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