Do you feel you are you losing online revenues because of abandoned shopping cart sales issues on your website?

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Below are 5 tips on how you can decrease shopping cart abandonment and increase online sales and revenues for your business. First ensure your website is viewable on all devices. Around 48% of searches conducted for products and services online are now conducted on mobile devices. Your buyers are mobile and so should your online store.

Secondly be sure to make your products are easy to locate on your website and always make them look great. Use professional images and simple, easy to read product descriptions, reviews and of course the cost.

Having advanced product search function will ensure your online customer is no more that 1-3 clicks from hitting the “Add To Cart” button. Providing relevant search results for customers searching online for products and services is no longer just for the major search engines.

As an online store owner, you are now expected to provide the same positive search experience as they big guys. Online buyers love to search and are keen to locate your product, price and other product information with speed. After all if your online customer had the time, they would probably walk down to a local supplier and buy one in store. They want things fast and easy….its simple.

Thirdly, ensure the shopping cart process is the easiest of all. Offer obvious free or flat fee shipping rates and never have hidden charges. We all hate them right? Also don’t ask for too much information from your online customer. You don’t require their DOB to make the online transaction happen so why ask?

Where possible, the shopping cart process should not exceed a 3 page process and if possible, you should aim to get this down to a 1 or 2 page process.

My ever important fourth tip is you should always monitor and measure the buy online process and online sales. There are several tools available within Google Analytics and Paid Search management dashboards, so make time to read and measure the data. Look at the obvious first, such as time spent on site, bounce rates and traffic sources. You may have a million website visitors every month but they may not be of any value to your business what so ever. #BotsDontBuy

Finally you should remind the now “online prospect” of the missed opportunity following an abandoned cart outcome. If your website can capture Names and Email addresses as a part of the online purchase process then send them a courtesy email with a small discount offer to return to your online store and complete the purchase process. Even smarter, start Retargeting campaigns through the Google display networks and track existing and missed online customers.

In closing, the affects of this type of negative online customer experience are not limited to online store owners. The same goes for any online application form and other customer data collection processes you can undertake online.

The key is to make it simple. Determine what information you need to make the transaction happen and then optimise and develop the website process for maximum conversion.
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