7 reasons why security doors are a great investment

Published on 2020-07-27 13:21:08
1 min read

Many homeowners in Australia are concerned about robbers and consider installing security doors to reduce the risk. Consequently, the options of security doors available these days are more diverse than ever. The reason why security doors make the best choice for your home is because they are sturdy enough to counter back the intruders. Moreover, these doors are also beautiful enough to add more value to your property.

At Bayside Security Doors and Shower Screens, we offer a wide range of security doors. Let’s explore some noteworthy benefits of installing the security doors we offer in Geelong, Melbourne and surrounding suburbs.

  1. They are built for strength

A regular door can be flimsy and easily breakable by a potential intruder. Our security doors are designed with integrity in mind. They are built with strong hinges and shatter-resistant glass, offering greater security to your home. 

  1. They are robbery-free

Our security doors are designed to resist robbers and intrusions. They undergo a series of tests to ensure that a potential robber cannot easily penetrate them.

  1. They are fire-resistant.

Good-quality security doors are fire retardant and stop the spread of flames in an event of a fire. Our security doors have undergone fire tests, ensuring that you are protected from fire and radiant heat.

  1. They are custom-made

Your security door can be custom-made to suit your specific requirements. We design tailor-made security doors such as diamond grille security doors in Melbourne, Geelong and surrounding suburbs to fit your home’s décor.

  1. They have terrific aesthetic appeal

Aside from functionality, our security doors in Geelong and Melbourne are created with quality and craftsmanship in mind. They are designed to look good while enhancing the security level of your property.

  1. They are designed to withstand the test of time

The doors at Bayside Security Doors are more likely to withstand stormy and windy weather. They are made from high-grade material, making them a durable option for the Australian weather.

  1. They have superior quality locks

Good-quality locks are imperative to keep your home safe and protected from break-in attempts. Our security doors come with heavy-duty keyed locks and deadbolts, making them stronger enough to protect your home from invaders.

Whether you need screen mesh security doors or diamond grille security doors in Geelong, Melbourne, Bayside Security Doors and Shower Screens is your one-stop solution. For more information, get in touch with us today.