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How to turn recordings, emails and chats into evidence

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How to ensure that the judge can't say no to your electronic evidence...

Here are some tips on how to make electronic evidence like recordings, emails and chats admissible in a court of law:

1.            Preserve the original gadget: Keep the gadget with which you have procured the evidence in safe keeping. And produce it in court when the need arises. The possible gadgets are: For Pictures - the camera or the phone, for Audio recordings - the audio recorder, for chats - the phone or laptop.

2.            Get the gadget tested: If the above evidence is disputed, you'll need to get the gadget tested through a certified forensic lab.

3.            Various formats of evidence: Any electronic record which is printed on a paper or stored, recorded or copied in optical/magnetic media shall also be considered to be a document, if the conditions mentioned in section 65B of Indian Evidence Act are satisfied:

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