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Winter Storm Prep

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You don’t always get a lot of warning before a big winter storm hits. Sometimes weather forecasters can see signs of a bad storm coming through a few days before it does, but there are also times when a storm track shifts just enough for your city to go from a few snow flurries to a major snow event. Regardless of how much notice you have, though, there are things you can do to prepare yourself, your home, and even your car.

If you have a few days

If the local TV weather guys are saying things like “Watch out next week, folks! This is a big one,” then that means you have time for more extensive preparations. You can’t do too much (like, for instance, move to a warmer climate), but you can still do a lot to help yourself out.

If it’s early in winter, you may not even have snow tires on your car yet. Now is a great time to do that. Yes, there will probably be a line at the local tire shop, because people like to procrastinate. Plenty of people don’t even get snow tires put on until the snow has already arrived, but you don’t want to push your luck like that. You may have to drop off your car at lunch and pick it up after work, but it’s worth it to get your car better equipped for all that icy, slushy stuff that’s coming your way.

Winter precipitation can be bad for your sewage system, especially if there’s a lot of it. If you already have some pipe issues that you’ve been putting off dealing with, then it’s time to face them head-on. Upstate New York gets a ton of snow every year, so you’ll want to start looking for New York plumbers before that first snowflake hits the pavement.

Look around your property for anything that needs to be covered or protected during the snowfall. Call pool technicians out to winterize your pool and protect it from those damaging freezes. It may hurt to close your pool and remind yourself that summer is long gone, but it’s necessary. If you’ve been parking your car in the driveway instead of the garage, it’s time to roll open that garage door. You may need to clean out your garage to make space, but it’s better than having to dig your car out of a snow drift before you can go to work in the morning.

If you have a few hours

Not every snowstorm gives you a three-day window to prepare. Sometimes you wake up in the morning to find a winter storm warning on your phone. Snowstorms change their paths often, not that it makes it any less frustrating. In cases like this, you’ll need to stick to the basics. Check the temperatures and see if you need to let water drip from your faucets to keep the pipes from freezing. If you have outdoor pets, bring them indoors with the family. If it’s too late to change your car’s tires, then at least make sure they’re properly inflated. Put your light winter coat back in the closet and bring out your longest, fluffiest coat instead. And finally, remember that you’ve gotten through snowstorms before, and you’ll get through this one, too.
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