Buy Samsung Galaxy A7 Get Samsung BLUTOOTH MG920 FREE

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Buy Samsung Galaxy A7 Get Samsung BLUTOOTH MG920 FREE

Samsung Galaxy A7tThe first Samsung smartphone with a full metal body, the Samsung GALAXY A7 boasts an innovative, luxurious design and a stunning 5.5inch FHD sAMOLED

display. You can feel the premium quality of the sleek full metal body in your hand.Forearms weren't meant to be a distraction in your photos. With the Samsung GALAXY

A7 you don’t need to touch the button when taking selfies. Snap a selfie with your voice or palm and make your friends think your own personal photographer is

following you around. With the latest image detection and voice recognition software, the Samsung GALAXY A7 is taking the selfie to the next level.You have tons of

friends. Finally your phone can fit them all into one shot! The new Wide Selfie function allows you to create a panorama-like selfie by merging three photos taken from

the left/middle/right into one perfect group selfie. Now you can capture all your friends in one photo with up to 110° of range in portrait mode and 120° of range in

landscape mode. And the auto-editing functions make sure you look your best in every shot.The Alive Super Amoled Display and the Adapt Display deliver true-to-life

colours on your Samsung GALAXY A7 which intelligently adapt to your surroundings. With its automatic Adjustable Audio, your Samsung GALAXY A7 will automatically

increase or decrease the volume in response to the background noise around you.


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