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Treat your eyes to sharpness and clarity. The expansive 5.2” Full HD display gives your eyes so much more to take in. More resolution, detail, colour, and crystal clarity. While watching movies, sports, or playing games, take it all in.


Bended glass, bold and beautiful.A slim tapered top and bottom bended glass finish in a double wedge design. With a slimness of 6.9mm, it easily slides into your pocket, jacket, or handbag, but feels solid in your hand. 


Pristine pictures, effortless selfies. The whopping 13MP rear camera shoots photos with astonishing detail and resolution. Face detecting Auto Shot takes the clumsiness out of selfies. No buttons to press or tap, just stike a pose.

Features and OS:

Android 6.0 Marshmallow is pre-installed on the LG X Screen, with LG's usual tweaks wedged in for good measure. You get the Capture+ tool for sketching on your desktops (particularly useful if you need to make a note during a call), Thankfully this is easy to change with LG's latest UX update, and you can also choose to hide away pre-installed apps that you particularly dislike.


The LG X Screen's 2300mAh battery may sound fairly modest by modern standards. It's certainly smaller than both the Moto G (2015)'s 2470mAh unit and the Wileyfox Swift's 2500mAh one.But that doesn't seem to have affected its stamina too much. The battery menu estimated that this translated to 11 hours of life.

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