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Apple iPhone 6S - 128GB Specification

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The next generation of Multi bit.
The original iPhone introduced the planet to Multi-Touch, forever ever-changing the method folks expertise technology. With 3D bit, you'll do things that were ne'er attainable before. It senses however deeply you press the show, lease you are doing all types of essential things additional quickly and easily. And it provides you time period feedback within the type of refined faucets from the all-new Taptic Engine.
Introducing Peek and Pop.
Peek and Pop allow you to preview all types of content and even act on that — while not having to truly open it. For instance, with a light-weight press, you'll Peek at every email in your inbox. Then after you wish to open one, press a bit deeper to Pop into it.
More ways in which to act in additional places.
3D bit works throughout iOS nine to create the items you are doing on a daily basis additional natural and intuitive. There square measures such a big amount of ways in which merely pressing deeper will create no matter you’re doing a far better expertise.
Dynamic Wallpapers.
With Live Photos, your favorite moments square measure currently even nearer at hand. Set a Live icon as your Lock screen wallpaper, and press to observe it awake. You’ll select any of your Live Photos or choose from the Dynamic Wallpapers that go together with iOS nine.
A whole new dimension of technology.
Using 3D bit is straightforward. However the engineering behind it's implausibly advanced. After you press the show, electrical phenomenon sensors instantly live microscopic changes within the distance between the quilt glass and therefore the backlight. IOS uses these measurements to supply a quick, correct and continuous response to finger pressure that may solely happen with deep integration between computer code and hardware. IPhone 6s additionally provides you with responsive feedback within the type of refined faucets, lease you recognize that it’s sensing the pressure you’re applying.
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