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Buy Apple iphone 6s plus 16gb at poorvika

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From the Manufacturer
iPhone half-dozen and isn’t merely larger its higher in each means. Larger, nonetheless dramatically agent. Additional powerful, however remarkably power economical. With a swish metal surface that seamlessly meets the new tissue layer HD show. Its one continuous type wherever hardware and package operate in excellent unison, making a brand new generation of iPhone that’s higher by any live.

The biggest iOS unleash ever.
iOS eight is that the world’s most advanced mobile software system. And with unimaginable new capabilities and options designed to create the foremost of a bigger show, iOS eight doesn’t simply work seamlessly with iPhone half-dozen and. It makes each expertise feel larger and higher.

Your billfold. While not the billfold.
We fully rethought however you pay to create looking simple, secure, and personal. Apple Pay combines the convenience and security of bit ID and bankbook with NFC technology. Thus you'll be able to use iPhone half-dozen and to pay in stores and inside apps with one bit.
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