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Galaxy S7 edge - We're completely changing how you'll share experiences and memories. We're doing that by shattering the boundaries of what a phone can do. And it's the biggest thing to happen to phones. Ever.It's not just a new phone. It brings a new way of thinking about what a phone can do. 


The beauty of what we've engineered is to give you the slimmest feel in your hand without compromising the big screen size. And the elegantly curved front and back fit in your palm just right. It's as beautiful to look at, as it is to use.


Running on powerful processors, Galaxy S7 and S7 edge run smooth and fast, handling every bit of the additional data on your microSD card with confidence. And even with the bigger battery, charging’s still fast.



Because we spend more time with our phones than ever before, we're constantly devising ways for you to get what you need at a touch and at a glance. And these shortcuts will get you everywhere.


We built a fine line of accessories especially for your Galaxy S7 and S7 edge. They range from cases that do more than just protecting to chargers that give you fast power wherever you are.


It's easy to get caught up in the hype that is the Samsung Galaxy S7. It's easy to look in awe at the over-the-top launch event, which was as entertaining as it was informative, and without being smarmy. It's easy to be affected by the sheer force of the Samsung marketing arm, which went into work the minute the Mobile World Congress launch ended.


But spend some time with the Galaxy S7 edge and you'll quickly come to the realization that this is a really good phone. Easily one of Samsung's best, if not the best. It's imperfect, sure. It maybe won't be for everyone, but it'll serve the needs of most, and do so better overall than anything else out there.

Much of what you'll find in the Galaxy S7 should be familiar to those who own a Galaxy S6. But Samsung has taken what it did well in its 2015 flagship and and improved it for 2016 — and more important it addressed a number of concerns we had with the GS6.

Let's get into it. This is our Samsung Galaxy S7 review.

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