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The S7 Edge has not improved on the S6 Edge show, a minimum of not from a resolution point of view. As we tend to suspected, the Galaxy S series didn’t get the 4K treatment; the S7 Edge show has an equivalent QHD resolution as its precursor.



Another revived feature is that the inclusion of a microSD card slot, that is nice for transmission collections. Samsung hasn't reintroduced a removable battery pack, however, as this is often a unibody phone, however the cell has been bumped up from last year's 2600 mAh to a powerful 3600 mAh, even as rumours advised. clearly this can would like testing, however battery pack that size ought to supply excellent performance, and we've found the previous few Samsung flagships have offered wonderful battery life typically and even higher with the superb Super Power Saving mode.

Of course you have conjointly got lots of property capabilities intrinsic , all that you just would possibly expect, as well as NFC, 4G LTE, and Wi-Fi. it's a microUSB port however it isn't the new Type-C version.


Samsung is nevertheless to specify that processor models square measure out there within which regions, however we tend to do in fact grasp there square measure 2 sorts - the Samsung Exynos and therefore the Qualcomm flower. What the firm has aforesaid is that mainframe performance are going to be half-hour quicker than the Galaxy S6 series whereas the GPU encompasses a sixty fourth uplift. Samsung will have a motivating and rather PC-like answer to performance-related heat now tho' - the phone contains a heat pipe stuffed with water, and once the SoC heats up the water turns to vapour before being cooled via a heatsink. Smart.


Typical of Samsung's flagship series each the Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 edge feature an equivalent camera setup and, again, the rumours were spot on here with a 12MP detector. that is a lower megapixel rating than previous models, however this is often entirely deliberate as Samsung, like several alternative robot OEMs, has centered on up alternative areas of the camera hardware.

Samsung S7 Edge Specification

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