New Arrival Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge now available for Pre-booking at Poorvika Mobile World

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Redefine what a phone will do
We're altogether dynamical however you'll share experiences and recollections. We're doing that by shattering the boundaries of what a phone will do. And it is the most vital issue to happen to phones ever.
It's not just a replacement phone. It brings a replacement manner of thoughtful what a phone will do. You written the probabilities that we tend to tend to redefined the phone. The Galaxy S7 edge. Rethink what a phone will do.
The beauty of what we've designed is to allow you the slimmest feel in your hand whereas not compromising the large screen size. and to boot the elegantly bowed front and back notice time for your palm sensible. It's as pretty to appear at, as a result of it's to use.
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