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Sony Xperia Z2 – style
For appearance the Sony Xperia Z2 is sort of a twin of last year’s Xperia Z1. The Z2 options identical glass front and back because the Z1, with skinny buffers of black plastic change of integrity the 2 to associate degree Al core. It is a powerful, assured look and a staple of Sony’s high-end phones since the initial Xperia launched back in 2012. Compared with its main rivals we’d place the Z2 earlier than the Galaxy S5 within the style stakes, however it’s roughly as fashionable because the HTC One M8 or the LG G3, nor will it match the very good work and end of the iPhone 6.What holds the Xperia Z2 back is that its body is laden with seams, flaps associate degreed a plain dock connecter that reduce from an otherwise straightforward vogue.
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