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The Note seven appearance even higher than the already terrific-looking Edge and S7: sleek, symmetrical and complicated. everybody I showed it to in agreement. It's serious compared toalternative devices, however feels pleasantly compact for its expansive screen. Not small, howeversmaller than past Note models and easier to carry. At this time, i am desensitized to the sensation of phones in my back pocket and their weight in my purse; this fits my expectations, and wasn't too huge tonothing into my jacket pocket.

Despite being bigger, faster, and boast a new set of features that have yet to be seen, With start-ups out of China launching handsets cheaper and comparable in specs, it will be interesting to see if the release date price rumors hold-up.
Breaking down some of the individual pieces of the Note 7, there are a few things that stand out. This is the first waterproof Galaxy Note, it's the first phone ever with Gorilla Glass 5 and also the first Galaxy phone with a USB-C port. The iris scanner isn't quite as useful as the fingerprint sensor at this point, but offers interesting features within the Note 7's system and has potential for the future.

The camera app gets a jolt with new gestures. Swipe up and down to switch between front and rear cameras, and swipe to the sides to bring up filters and effects. This usually works well, and I liked the instant gratification of previewing the filter effects before choosing the one I want. But my fingers kept accidentally tapping the Back and Recent buttons, which kicked me out of the app. Sometimes my swipes zoomed the photo or slid a vignette control instead of calling up the other menus or switching cameras. Mistakes are time-wasting and annoying.


After the innovative side-curve on the Galaxy Note Edge, Samsung put its main focus on the Galaxy S line and the Note5 was looked over. This year, the Note is the one getting special treatment and it now comes with a dual curved screen. If rumors are to be believed, Samsung wants to go curved-only with its flagships going forward, so let's gaze into the (potential) future.

The color rendering has shifted a bit too - in Basic mode, the one designed for accuracy, it reaches the very good 2.7 average deltaE and 4.4 max. Still, the S7 edge did 0.8 and 1.5 respectively, even last year's Note5 did 1.1 and 2.2.


The Note seven has several of a similar hardware guts because the S7 Edge, however performance and battery life slightly lag (see full specs list below). Its barely smaller battery ran a pair of hours shorter in our iteration video drain test; a 17 hours, 40 minute average versus the Edge's 19 hours, 40 minutes. In real-world tests, I got a solid day between charges and flat-top up in between victimisation either a wireless charging pad (sold separately) or through USB-C cables at work and reception. Samsungprovides you one within the box; i like to recommend shopping for a spare.
In real-life tests, the Qualcomm-outfitted Note 7 is a pretty snappy device. It gamely handled fast-paced, graphics-heavy games, launched apps and downloaded and uploaded content quickly. But when I started using the drawing tools heavily, it lagged. Not much, but enough to notice.

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