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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 Features | Best Online Purchase at poorvikamobile.com

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The assured bit of metal

The elegant luster of metal on Redmi Note three not solely appearance stunning, however feels durable and resilient. totally different sections of the rear cowl connect seamlessly and naturally, giving a brilliant comfy feeling to your hand – no sharp edges and no awkward angles. we've got maintained the authentic texture of premium sandblasted metal and it's offered to you in three colours – Gold, Silver and Dark gray.

Unlocks in a second

Place your finger gently on the fingerprint sensing element and Redmi Note three unlocks in precisely 0.3s. it is so abundant quicker and convenient than victimization patterns or pass codes. Redmi Note 3 fingerprint sensing element has additionally been tuned to figure with a number of the leading third party security apps. Chip-level security encrypts and stores your fingerprint profiles firmly, thus nobody will access them - not even you.
Connect quicker and better

Redmi Note three supports all the four LTE bands created on the market in Bharat – B 3, B 5, B 40 & B 41. It additionally comes with VOLTE support, that not solely makes your calls connect quicker however additionally improves the voice quality of these calls considerably.

Flagship processor MTK Helio X10

Speed! That’s what might be called the flagship smart phone. Speed of the smart phone allows us to fully appreciate and experience the whole range of positive emotions, playing different games. Redmi Note is equipped with high-performance  8-cores,  in addition, it has a faster dual-channel internal memory eMMC 5.0, not to mention the new system MIUI 7.

In short, optimization of smart phone OS will allow you to get a lot of enjoyment from Redmi Note 3.

Focusing on quality

Capture gorgeous professional-quality pictures on a 16MP camera with part Detection optical device (PDAF), a 0.1s ultra- quick focusing technique ordinarily found in DSLR cameras.
In addition to high megapixel count, Redmi Note three has dual ISP process for exceptional image quality. The result? Photos have visibly lesser noise and increased dynamic vary.



Call quality on the Redmi Note 3 is excellent and the earpiece speaker is sufficiently loud even outdoors. We didn’t face any issues with signal reception even inside elevators, that’s speaking a lot.


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