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Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 With Greats Offer at poorvikamobile.com

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The peak of performance


When it involves planning smartphones, higher performance sometimes suggests that a heftier tag, whereas a much bigger battery adds weight to the device. Redmi Note 3 is exceptionally designed to possess flagship-grade performance ANd an all-new fingerprint detector during a body that’s simply 164g and eight.65mm thick.


Security and privacy at your fingertips


Explore new fingerprint options with Redmi Note 3 Unlock your phone with one bit, hide confidential files or lock apps. Do away with difficult security patterns and passcodes. All you wish may be a easy bit to verify your identity.


Chip-level security


Your security is our prime priority. Fingerprint profiles square measure keep during a dedicated area embedded inside the hardware, created with the assistance of Qualcomm Secure Execution surroundings. not everybody or software system is in a position to achieve access or copy your fingerprints. Not even you.


Instant gratification


Instant app launches on Redmi Note 3 square measure solely the start. Video playback and recreation graphics are very fluid and responsive on the flower 650 hexa-core processor and next-gen Adreno 510 GPU. Add dual-channel RAM and you are looking at true flagship performance.



Redmi Note 3's large 4050mAh battery suggests that you will be the last one standing once your friends' phones have ran out of battery. steam-powered up quick with 5V 2A fast Charge technology - rouse to five hundredth battery in exactly AN hour.


Living within the age of LTE


supports all Asian country LTE networks, that reaches up to 300Mbps transfer speeds. VoLTE support additionally introduces HD voice and video necessitate really immersive interactions through your phone. 4G twin SIM support permits you to access 4G on either SIM slot. merely customise that card you would like to dial or use information from in Settings.



A universal remote


Redmi Note 3 doubles as a far off management for nearly everything. The infrared transmitter is found at the highest of the phone. All you have got to try to to is launch the Mi Remote app and



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