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Oppo F1 Silver (GSM) 16, 64, 32 GB - shop in Poorvikamobiles.com

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Oppo F1 smartphone flaunts a 5.0-inch HD display with Corning Gorilla gorilla Glass 4 Protection...


With its 2.5D Corning® Gorilla® Glass 4 secured show, the OPPO F1 is further scratch-safe. Within the interim, the exceptional bends embrace parity, charm and magnificence to the aluminiferous surface, whereas the energetic 5.0-inch 2.5D circular phase edge screen makes the smartphone the maximum amount a delight to carry because it is to require a goose at.

Micro-Arc Edge

The F1 brags an efficient smaller scale bend edge that circles the smartphone in a very streaming, persistent band. The adjusted edges in its configuration pass away a sense of facilitate that creates for a premium taking care of expertise.


Carefully utilizing the originative form of "lineism", the OPPO F1 brags 2 streaming, consistent light-weight band edges. The 60-degree purpose of those edges is that the aftereffect of tangible figuring's and numerous rounds of testing, all to allow the smartphone the foremost agreeable hand feel conceivable. The sunshine band edges to boot create a dilution impact, and welcome light-weight and shadow to play on the F1's agile bends.

Premium Metal Body

The body of the F1 is created of a stunning metal composite, treated with zirconium silicate sand surface covering connected in a very low-weight, low-speed showering method. The result is our most sensible and eye-getting completion thus far, and a appliance that's milder to the bit.


The Qualcomm flower Octa-center 64-bit processor and 3GB RAM makes this appliance fly with regards to multitasking and day by day utilization.

Operation System

Taking into consideration humanoid 5.1, Color OS 2.1 is systematically responsive, giving a sleek and enduring execution, and providing additional memory and energy to purchasers.


The OPPO F1 homes an 8-megapixel front grappling camera with a good f/2.0 gap lens and a detector size of ¼ inches. This takes into consideration all the additional light-weight to enter the camera thus you'll be able to take associate degree clear selfie even in less good lighting conditions.

Beautify 3.0

Utilize the Beautify three.0 part additional bolstering your windfall and upgrade your rummage around for a perpetually consummate selfie expertise. It lights up your skin and systematically evacuates flaws, thus you'll be able to merely look impressive. No matter wherever you're, snapping an out of this world trying photograph are straightforward and snappy.

Screen Flash

To make snapping selfies in low-light conditions a so much superior ordeal, you'll be able to flip the accredited Screen Flash component on. It changes over the F1's whole show into a camera streak, with a fastidiously balanced splendor level upgraded for traditional trying shots. Thus your face can reliably come back through splendid, clear and regular.

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