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11.93 cm (4.7) HD Retina Display

Apple iPhone 6 - 16 GB comes with a large 11.93 cm (4.7) high definition and high contrast Retina display screen. This advanced multi-touch display is quite thin and incorporates dual-domain pixels to give you colour neutrality at wider angles. It also features an improved polariser to give you clearer view of screen with your sunglasses on. You can easily view text and see photographs and videos wearing your sun-glares under bright outdoor conditions on the HD Retina display screen of iPhone 6. 

iOS 9 Operating System

With the world’s most advanced operating system, you can perform endless functions on your Apple iPhone 6 - 16 GB that were earlier not possible. The iOS operating system has added novel ways through which you can send messages through your iPhone. With its amazing collection of over a million apps, it is now easier to keep your health and lifestyle in complete harmony.

8 MP iSight Camera with 1080p HD Recording

Apple iPhone 6 - 16 GB offers you more than just 8 megapixels in its camera function. The primary camera has a new sensor with focus pixels and better exposure adjustments. It also features improved face detection technology and panorama functions. You can capture blur free images with your iPhone 6 camera as it is equipped with optical image stabilization technology which is found in high end cameras. You can also record amazing HD videos at 1080p at 60fps and create slo-mo videos with this camera. Shooting stunning time-lapse videos over phone has also become a reality with this cutting-edge technology of Apple iPhone 6. 

Ultra-Fast Wireless Performance

This new age iPhone has high upload and download speed and it can connect with any network around the world. Apple iPhone 6 - 16 GB supports ultra-fast wireless technology so you can stream videos, make video calls and download files faster. It comes with an improved Wi-Fi and 3G connectivity to give you a super-fast experience which you have never had before.

Touch ID Technology

The safest security tool that you can have is your fingerprint as it cannot be duplicated. Keeping this thought in mind, Apple has introduced a Touch ID technology in iPhone 6. Now, you can lock your iPhone 6 with your fingerprint without worrying about forgetting your password or losing it to someone else.

16GB Internal Storage

You can easily store pictures and videos along with other data files on your Apple iPhone 6 - 16 GB as it comes with 16GB internal memory. No more hassle of transferring your files to another device as your iPhone is capable of storing a large amount of data.

Innovative Unibody Design

Apple iPhone 6 - 16 GB has a beautiful seamless design which largely comes from its thin display screen. This 6.9mm thin phone has curved sides and intelligently placed buttons. Made with anodised aluminium, stainless steel and glass, this phone has no distinct edges but a smooth metal and glass enclosure which feels like a continuous surface. 

M8 Motion Coprocessor

Equipped with M8 Motion Coprocessor, Apple iPhone 6 - 16 GB has the power to efficiently measure your activity from its advanced sensors which includes a newly installed barometer. It also has an A8 chip built on second generation 64 bit desktop-class architecture that ensures high speed and power packed performance. Now you can easily watch videos having high frame rates and play graphic-intensive games for a long period of time.


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