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Buy Apple iphone 6 plus-16GB available at poorikamobile.com

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Experience More with the Apple iPhone 6 Plus
The latest range of iPhones from Apple is here to offer you more. With the Apple iPhone 6 Plus you are sure to find more and better features. Experience a bigger screen with a thinner body, which makes it extremely lightweight and easy to carry. The Retina HD display accounts for a quality media experience. It is also exceptionally energy efficient and is sure to perform for longer time. The seamless design along with the internal functions make it into a super-efficient performer.
The iOS 8 Offers You More Access
The seamless design of the iPhone 6 Plus matches the fluidity of the iOS 8, making the combination one unified whole. Now you can have access to a lot more at the touch of your fingers at your own convenient time. Whether it is learning, shopping, gaming, navigating or browsing the iOS 8 ascertains an effortless experience. The combination of iOS 8, one of the world’s most advanced OS and the premium built of the iPhone makes it quite a complete package. Since the Apple iPhone 6 Plus screen is quite large than usual, it might be difficult to navigate through the entire screen with one hand. But with Apple, you need not worry, for there is a solution for this. With features like Reachability you can easily access any app or tool. By double tapping on the Home button you can shift the entire screen closer down towards your thumb. The iPhone 6 Plus has an effective touch screen for a smooth navigation. Also, the buttons have been revamped to ensure more user friendliness. The slender frame has a built-in elongated volume button and a sleep/wake up button for you to easily use it.
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