Plus Candy: Canada’s Best Online Bulk Candy Store

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Plus Candyis #1 online candy store in Canada that stocks a wide selection of candies on the basis of colors, flavors, and themes. Whether you need candy assortment for birthday, anniversary, marriage, baby shower, Easter, or any other occasion, we
have everything you need. Also, we provide
free shipping on Bulk Candies in Canada.

Types and Colors of Candies:

Types of candies are must as children get bored with the same thing, that’s why we make different types so that kids can enjoy the candy’s different shape and style. So our range of candies includes:

    Chocolate & candy bars

    Candy fashion

    Candy sticks and more.

Colors play an important role in our lives and same is the case with candies. Kida like colors that is why we have created candies in different colors like black, blue, brown, gold, green, orange, pink, purple, red, silver, white and yellow.


Flavored candies can soothe both your sweet as well as salt cravings.These candies will let you enjoy the taste of your favorite fruits and tingle your taste buds to crave for more! There are many flavored candies available on our candy store online which includes



    Cinnamon & Spicy and more.


To make a party fun-filled and full of enjoyment, it’s important to opt for a theme party. This type of party will not only set the mood but also the decoration part becomes easy. So to add more colors to your theme party we provide candies that suit your theme. Our range of theme candies includes:

    Animation & Super Heroes

    Baby Shower

    Birthday Candy and more.


Plus Candy provides free shipping on orders above $50. We provide international shipping also to some of the countries like UK, USA, Japan, Mexico, Europe, South Africa and New Zealand. For more information, mail us on

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