Hottest Cosplay Girls Collection

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The Hottest Cosplay Girls is a list we had a hard time putting together. There are so many fantastic cosplayers, how do we pick the top 25? Using the latest in scientific data, which included charts, surveys, polls, algorithms and how many times we drooled over a particular costume, we came up with this definitive list of the 25 Hottest Cosplay Girls.

Know that feeling you get when you see a really hot video game character but then lament the fact that she's not real? Well, thank your lucky stars that cosplay was invented! Since the birth of fandom, people have been perfecting the art of dressing up like their favorite characters.

These intrepid fans are called cosplayers and can usually be found wearing some of the most outlandish, intricate, and amazing costumes based on existing characters that you've ever seen. Thankfully, a lot of these cosplayers happen to be really attractive, and we've rounded up some of the hottest cosplayers around who have donned the outfits of a few of our favorite video game characters.

This may be a countdown, but you ladies are all #1 in our hearts. Without further ado, here are the 25 Hottest Cosplay Girls.




Zelda's one of those timeless characters in gaming that is always different but somehow still familiar in all iterations of her games. Whether she's a sea-faring pirate girl, a ninja, or a spirit that's piloting a suit of armor, each version of the princess of Hyrule is a memorable one.


Lisa Lou Who


This lady Kratos is cosplayed by one Lisa-Lou-Who, a cosplayer and costumer from the US. Not only does she completely rock it as the female version of the rage-fueled god, but she also makes her own clothing.

Checking out her deviantART will bring you to a gallery full of hoodies inspired by Avatar: the Last Airbender, Lollipop Chainsaw, and even Assassin's Creed. This gal's got beauty AND good business sense.

You can find some of these clothes for sale at her shop, but enjoy her barely clothed form for now.


Artur Timonovsky

This is Evgeniya, a Russian cosplayer with a penchant for Mortal Kombat outfits. As fans of the classic fighting game, we're not all that opposed to her having a specialization when it comes to costumes.

Here she is as Jade, who is Princess Katana's bosom buddy. By that, we mean they're best friends. We're not implying that they & never mind. Anyway, Evgeniya pose is one that's fierce and being bathed by the sun. The staff she's using seems to be helping prop her up, especially when you take those heels into account. Yowza.

You might remember her from one of our past Cosplay of the Day features. And if so, aren't callbacks like this nice?




Now, this next girl might have a cosplay name that seems a little strange, but there's nothing to ruffle about when it comes to her butt.

There, in all her glory, is RuffleButt as longtime street fighter, Cammy White. How she ever got her lithe form into that suit is beyond us, but she must have performed at least a dozen Cannon Dives to get into that kind of shape.

Whatever she did, it worked for her. And you know what? She can give us the ol' Hooligan Combination any day.


Mistress Quinzel

Mistress Quinzel, Steffy, Harley & these are just some of the names that this cosplayer uses. But whatever you want to call her, can we just all agree to call her ridiculously hot?

She's dressed as Harley Quinn, her cosplay pseudonym's namesake, and makes us incredibly jealous of the Clown Prince of Crime.

This is one Harley that we'd love to take for a ride. [Calm down, John. & Ed.]

In fact, we loved her so much that we featured her Arkham Asylum Harley as a Cosplay of the Day!




K-A-N-A, or Mandy, is a cosplayer based in Germany who describes herself as "insane, strange, and dreamy". But we can only describe her as smokin' hot.

Just look at how she's expertly turned a normal character from Fallout: New Vegas into a minx! And if you've played the game, then you'd know how ugly a lot of the character models are!

She was also one of our most impressive Cosplay of the Day features thanks to her attention to detail. We'd love to show you more of her, but we don't want to spoil you.


Marie-Claude Bourbonnais


It takes a special kind of person and special kind of body type to pull off a cosplay of Rainbow Mika, the incredibly buxom wrestler in the Street Fighter series.

But wouldn't you know it? Marie-Claude Bourbonnais was up to the challenge! Maybe it was the power brought on by her kinda-long name. Or maybe it's because she shares the same kind of curves that Rainbow Mika enjoys. Whatever it is, we're thankful that she decided to rock the outfit, because she's definitely rocked our world.


Precious Cosplay


This beauty you see standing before you is Crystal Graziano of Precious Cosplay. She's one of the heavy hitters when it comes to cosplay and can usually be found in ornate costumes that take a ton of work to make.

But instead of some really big costume with armored plates or frilly epaulets, we see her here in a rather fetching swimsuit.

"That's not a video game character", you may say. But we'll refute and tell you to look closer to see that she's cosplaying Valkyria Chroncles' Selvaria Bles in swimwear! Ho ho ho. She almost got you, eh? Well, she's certainly got us. In fact, she entranced us before in her clothed Selvaria cosplay!


Giorgia Cosplay


We looked at the picture to the left and actually lost our track of thought. Oh yeah! We were going to introduce you to this lovely lady named Giorgia, of Giorgia Cosplay. More like "gorgeous", right? [elbow nudge]

If you can focus your eyes above the horizon line long enough, you'll see that she's cosplaying Litchi Faye Ling from the popular fighting game, BlazBlue.

Blue's a good color to describe certain feelings, which we may or may not be experiencing at the moment.

She's actually been featured as a Cosplay of the Day before, so follow the link to see her as Mai Shiranui from King of Fighters!




Meet Krixels, otherwise known as ExileFayt. We're not sure what kind of magic is holding up those leaves (or her hair, for that matter), in that picture, but it probably has something to do with the fact that she's dressed as the Great Fairy from The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time.

If we had been Link and came across her looking like this, Ganondorf would have never been defeated, Zelda would still be locked up somewhere and Hyrule would have been reduced to ashes.

But look at the picture again; wouldn't it all have been worth it?


Omi Gibson


Omi Gibson is a Japanese cosplayer with a style that almost borders on fetish territory, so we had to do a little digging to find a picture that was at least slightly SFW.

The result is this lovely picture of Omi as the eponymous character from the game, Catherine. Like the seductive video game character, Omi just oozes with a sort of sensuality that begs you to look at her.


Mono Abel


Wowsers. No matter how many times we look at Russian cosplayer Mono Abel as Mad Moxxi, we can't believe how incredibly good it is. Mono Abel, or Anastasia, went to great lengths to recreate the character's cel-shaded look.

It also doesn't hurt that she's just as curvy as the top hat-wearing belle. We value accuracy and aesthetics when it comes to judging cosplayers and we've gotta say that Mono Abel is the complete package.

In fact, we thought she was so good that we featured her as a Cosplay of the Day!


Grellka Loli 


Guys, meet Sofi, from the Ukraine. This is Sofi as the female ninja named Kasumi from the Dead or Alive series.

Guys? You're still reading this and not just looking over at Sofi, right?


Heza Chan 


Heza Chan is an American cosplayer with a flair for girls in red and wearing almost next to nothing. Who are we to complain if she's got a penchant for a specific type of cosplay? Here she is as Yoko Littner, from Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann.

Some might argue that she's not a video game character and is primarily from an anime. But guess what? The anime spawned video games and the characters were even featured in a Super Robot Wars game, so booyah!


Heather Cosplay


We're willing to be that wherever this lady goes, dudes get little exclamation marks above their heads from noticing how fine she is.

This is Heather from Heather Cosplay as Eva from Metal Gear Solid 3: Snake Eater. Her era-specific garb is accentuated by her voluptuous physique and the detail that went into her hair. Something about her 'do just feels like she belongs on a poster of some teen in the '70s. And we can dig that.


Vera Chimera


As you might be able to tell, we're a fan of cosplayers donning swimsuit versions of video game characters' outfits. This time we have Yasemin Arslan from Australia as KOS-MOS from Xenosaga in a swimsuit.

It's nice to see alternate versions of iconic costumes, right? It's even nicer to see them on girls as lovely as this one!


Zettai Cosplay


We've got another Cammy on our hands! You're bound to see a lot of the same characters when dealing with super hot cosplayers, so this was just an inevitability. What makes Chile-based cosplayer Zettai Cosplay's version higher ranked is the incredible detail that went into the whole costume, from the gloves down to the leg paint.

Also, it doesn't hurt that she's got a ridiculously fantastic body that must've taken 1,000 squats to attain. We're smitten!


Makuba-Electric Lady


What an incredibly simple outfit, right? Sure, but there's beauty in simplicity. Here's Electric Lady as Bad Girl, from No More Heroes.

We can only imagine what she's going to do with that bat, but we're more concerned about that insanely tight midriff of hers and that cloth scrap that seems to be passing for a top right now.

But perhaps the hottest thing about her is the way she stares into the camera as if she's reading our very souls. Man, that's sexy.


Alodia Gosiengfiao


Alodia Gosiengfiao is the reigning Cosplay Queen of the Philippines. She's enjoyed enormous popularity and has become the star of many companies' advertisements.

But her geeky heart will always remain with video games and anime, which is why you see her in this amazing Morrigan Aensland outfit, straight out of Darkstalkers. We're kind of mirroring the look on that guy's face, because Alodia has us under her thrall.




Korean cosplayer Tasha is a force to be reckoned with in the cosplaying world. Her outfits are some of the most detailed, and not to mention sexiest, that one can find.

Even outside of the Asian cospaying realm, you're likely to see her face and her gorgeous body, usually in an outfit inspired by a video game or a TV show.

This outfit is based on Alexstraza, a dragon from World of Warcraft. Alexstraza has one of the saddest story lines in the game, but all of that is forgotten with just one look at Tasha!


Narga Lifestream


This literal Lady is Narga, or Natasha, from Russian cosplaying duo, Lifestream. The outfit she's wearing is an alternate costume for Lady, one of the characters in Devil May Cry.

We can't tell if that's Lady's signature scar on the bridge of her nose or if it's a breathing strip, because she can't possibly be getting that much air in a suit so skintight!


Meagan Marie


Meet Meagan Marie. Not only is she a kick-ass cosplayer, but she also works for Crystal Dynamics, the developers who worked on the 2013 Tomb Raider game.

It doesn't matter that she's a beautiful young woman (who looks killer in costume as Gears of War's Anya Stroud), because she works in the video game industry. And you know what? That just makes her infinitely hotter!


Yaya Han


Yaya Han is a colossal figure in the cosplay scene. She's covered outfits from Street Fighter's Chun-Li to Who Framed Roger Rabbit's Jessica Rabbit.

Her figure is one of mythical proportions and she puts it to good use with all of her cosplay outfits. This Felicia costume, in particular, is well-suited for her look!

All she'd need to do is scratch up some dude dressed like Albert Wesker and we'd swear we were in a match-up in Marvel vs. Capcom 3!


Jessica Nigri


Jessica Nigri is already a prolific figure in the cosplay community and she's only in her early 20s!

But just one look at her and it's easy to understand how she's garnered all of her popularity.

Here she is as Juliet Starling, the protagonist of Lollipop Chainsaw. And look, she even has a lollipop to boot! Great looks, amazing outfit, and props?

This is definitely one cosplayer that we need to keep our eyes on for a long time to come.


Stella Chuu


Stella Chuu is special in that not only is she an awesome cosplayer and all around geeky girl, but she also happens to be a burlesque cosplayer. That means that some of her cosplay outfits can get downright raunchy (though tastefully so, if such a thing exists), and sometimes end up on the floor.

But still, we have to give credit where credit is due, and Stella happens to be one of the finest cosplayers around, regardless of whether or not she's actually wearing the costume.

Here's an obvious SFW picture of her as Soul Calibur's IIvy, using the whip sword to great effect in order to follow the contours of her body.




Last, but most certainly not least, is Vampy (Linda Le). We'd let her bite us any time!

When she's not looking absolutely stunning and fierce in some hot cosplay costume, she can be found goofing off in lingerie, geeking out, listening to metal, and working hard on her next hand-made suit.

Her craftsmanship and incredible looks are just part of what make her one of the top-tier cosplayers in the world.

But if you ask us, it's because she listens to metal. We mean, there's gotta be dark forces helping her out, right? You know what? Maybe it's just her skills and beauty. Yeah, we'll leave it at that.

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