Explain the Main Difference Between TFT and LCD

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In all the electronic gadgets that we use today, there are two common elements found i.e. LCD and TFT.

You might get confused about how they both are connected to each other. As you will go further and read more, you will find the dependency of LCD on TFT.

In fact, it is surprising that many of us, do not know that TFT is a part of LCD, instead, they take it as two different types of screen. But that is not right, they both are different things and have separate characteristics.

Find out the difference between TFT and LCD

Firstly, know about what LCD is and how it functions. And TFT is not a word to get confused with; it adds to the existence of LCD and has an important part to play. Here’s how it all works:

  • LCD might sound a bit familiar but TFT sound more like a technical term and most of us being its users do not know much about the making. Actually, TFT is a technology used in the formation of LCD. Liquid Crystal display, that uses a two-layered polarizing material, which helps the LCD to display with light balancing qualities.
  • You should know that LCD is the replacement of CRT screen, as LCD has few advantages to offer in comparison to CRTs. LCDs are less power consuming and more efficient in every way, whereas CRTs and plasma are sensitive towards getting burned easily. This is the major drawback of CRTs after which LCDs became more popular in the market. Also, note that LCD display cannot display light on its own rather it needs a source of light for backlight support, which is the only downside anyone would list.
  • In the processing of LCD display, TFT technology has a major role. They both are interlinked. TRT i.e. Thin Film Transistor, its a technology used to build LCD screen. By combining two films, one is a semi conductive active layer and other is a dielectric layer; it becomes an electrical insulator. These layers support each other and share a metallic contact which leads to the LCD screen display.
  • Also, LCD pixels are controlled by a transistor, which helps in switching on and off them easily. Due to the inclusion of TFT layer in the screen, there is a reduction in crosstalk between different pixels. You should know that crosstalk is a phenomenon where one signal is sent to one pixel and then it passes on to another pixel. Hence, the TFT technology is able to create the best resolutions and improves quality of the image. Due to the inclusion of TFT, the cost of the product automatically increases. But its quality is irreplaceable; this is the reason why TFT has become a standard element of the LCD screen.

Conclusion –

In case, you are looking for some enriching information and reviews on TFT LCD display, its essential to know all the above points as they would be helpful in picking up the right product out of so many. Otherwise, you will be enlightened about few basics of gadgets that we all are using.

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