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How i get my keyword in rank

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I am working on a project many days and i face many problem likes searching bookmarking sites,blog commenting.I tries many time but not find any solution.I know about how write a content but i dont know how makes more attractive.Can anyone give suggestion how my keyword comes in top rank.

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if you want to your blog to be on top results try to use common and famous keywords of present time, what's trending and what I believe you must not write what other are writing, you should write about what you like and have knowledge of.

Infeeds can help your blog reach other people but only if you have some unique and interesting content that makes people to read more and more about your blog.

Simple, but why you tagged this question in wrong topic #packersandmoversgurgaon ?? Its not that one, you can reach more people by using right topics on Infeeds, like for this question. #SEO is best !
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if you interested for more info- gaba.geeta@gmail.com
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Humein Aansu Se Zakhmo Ko Dhona Nahi
Milti Hai Khushi To Use Khona Nahi Aata
Seh Lete Hai Har Ghum Hans Ke
Log Kehte Hai Humein Rona Nahi Aata…
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