The Dream Of Homeless

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The Dream of Homeless


I wish if I have a home,

It’s of three floors and having a lawn.

It has a door which open to outside,

and have a door bell , just aside .


The walls must be quake proof

And built of bricks and cement.

They must be painted outside,

And having designed segments.


The roofs must be leak proof

Which save me from rain.

My family feel safe inside

With few comfort and pain.


There must be electricity

Which will save me from darkness.

I can also fell better that,

My family is safe.


There must be beds inside

So that I can take rest.

I wish if a locker be there,

to keep my money safe.


I wish if there was a field

Just at my back yard.

I can plough and grow some crops

to feed my family to work hard.


I wish if I can earn some money

to buy my family some cloths.

It will save them from cold,

providing them some warmth.


Then i wish to pay for school,

for my child and win there trust.

They will one day grow up and,

Help the other people like us.


Lastly I thank the Almighty,

for the things that I have.

Thanks to humanity , thanks to people

For being with homeless everywhere.


“Help others to keep humanity alive & to get helped, when you are helpless.”

By- Naveenkant Mishra.

beautiful !
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Thnkss bro :)
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