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How long lifetime dose a mosqutoe have??

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As I've read in my earlier classes of biology, mosquitoes life goes in 4 processes egg > larva > pupil > adult and then death for sure and every stage has its own time-span of 1-2 days approx in male cases but its more in adult time for females. Males live for 5-7 days normally but a female can live 6-7 weeks, its a huge gap and profit for females that they can marriage for about 4-5 times in their lives and can lay 100s of eggs at the same time.
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The average mosquito lifespan is less than two months. Males have the shortest lives, usually 10 days or less, and females can live about six to eight weeks, under ideal conditions. The females lay eggs about every three days during that time. Females of species that hibernate may live up to six months.http://goo.gl/C9r7X
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