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Minimalism and Parenting — An Introduction

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Minimalism isn’t only about possessions: Yes. You can improve your home through less furniture. Improve your wardrobe when it’s pared to the essentials. But minimalism is also a way of doing things.

Nothing is more personal or vital than the way we raise our kids. This guide will show you how minimalism can apply to parenting, with a brief overview of what that looks like with different ages of kids. See how the principles of minimalism can bring the same focus and clarity to parenting as it brings to your home.

Information overload

If you are a parent, you know that the advice out there is endless. It comes from every direction: friends, relatives, books for sale, classes to take, forums, blogs on the Internet (yes, like this one). Some of the information makes sense intuitively, some of it makes you fear for the future of your child when you don’t teach him classical music theory in the womb.

The worst part is, one recommended parenting style fully contradicts another popular style. If one parenting expert says, “Dress your child in red” and another says, “Never dress your child in red,” you can get to the point of feeling paralyzed. The only thing they all seem to agree on is: you must do something. Many things. You must constantly interact with, stimulate, guide, and occupy your child. Or else.

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