What you did Flipkart? Aane waale din agar acche nahi hue to bohot gaali padegi

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I don't know about last time's Big Billion Day, but this one is shit, believe me. I just hate these sales and my trust is gone forever. If don't sell it at lower price please don't show fake price. Its unbelievable, everything is still out of my level, I thought of buying new pair of shoes, new banyan, new this, new that and guess what? I'm just sitting and waiting to see things go out of stock or things showing fake prices.

Dammit!! If coming day sales are going to be like that, trust me flipkart, I'm go my neighbours homes and tell them not to buy anymore from you. You were the best spot where I used to buy stuffs and you're breaking my trust.

Pheww!! Okay, I know you are a company and you have to do something for yourself but please atleast for one day, let me feel the biggest sale.
Yaar, wo chappal mera padosi 99 rupees me bechta hai jo flipkart pe 199 kaat ke 100 ki bech rahe ho, please do something, now to you're gone !!

Ghazi Khan /u/mgks

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