What I think about being Happy

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Tonight I learned a little about happiness and being happy. Really a Little, rightnow, I'm feeling like I'm not pressing the keys, my inner heart is pressing it.

Happiness is like what when people even hate you, it doesn't matters because you love your life more than their hate. Like my last incident I've written about people spying on me that even I know how to code or not. I was just busy proving them, I was wrong, I know that now. Let them think whatever they want is making them happy and not responding to them and believing in my real life makes me happy.

Its not just about me, Its about everyone out there, I litrally mean YOU reader. I don't know how many people actually read me as Infeeds is very less know network rightnow, but it doesn't matters how people look at your work, the thing that matters is how you look at your work. Are you happy?

Really, if you're not really happy then go find it out or just solve your life, its simpler than doing math. For me, or in my sense, Life is like a Rubic's Cube. If you don't take care you go on into twists and can make your life harder to solve back but its nearly impossible to remain solved. You will become unsolved but, to make it real full of happiness. Keep Solving It. Keep Learning New, if not new, do what you like, if not as a job or parmanent do it as hobby if you're not even able to do that, try to share it or simply help others to understand who're of same genre of you.

Its not hard for you, me or anyone else on this planet to be happy, money really can't buy happiness permanently. What makes you happy is inside your own, beeping faster than a second.

Same rules not apply for you as my life does, you just simply have to discover it. And that's the part when you've your own cube in your hands and you're the only one who can solve it. And Will solve it for sure !! Try it :)


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