Tom Cruise is all set to star in sci-fi film 'Yukikaze'

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After 'Oblivion', Tom Cruise has signed yet another sci-fi film "Yukikaze", based on a series of Japanese novels by author Chohel Kamayashi.

The 50-year-old actor will play the lead character in the film, whose name in the Japanese books is Rei Fukai, reported Aceshowbiz.

The story of the novels is based on the human race being attacked by the alien force known as JAM. Second lieutenant Rei Fukai leads the special combat force into enemy territory called planet Fairy and gather information to end the war by piloting the B-503 'Yukikaze' fighter.

The project is currently in its early stage of production and the director and scriptwriter are not yet finalized.

Cruise will be seen in an another alien war movie 'All You Need Is Kill' next year.


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