My Prediction about future of Indian Education System and its Leaders

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Sorry for Spelling Mistakes if any (it maybe caused because of out college PC, i'm using rightnow, its keyboard is kind of stiky and loves its keys not to be pressed)

Okay, so on main topic Indian Education System, is it dying?
Oops ! Yes it is dying day by day and Teachers are degrading their values and mentality about education and wide possibilities of becoming something big through arts.

They just think for now, its too good for you if you're a student of science because if you're from arts and commerce (sometimes), you're of no use to this planet even my closest ones are not happy with me attached with Science, everybody wants more from me, you, and any other Student to do more than science but what exactly do you mean by more than science. I'm not understanding these people's want.

*And if you think my english is so dumb, please read Shakespeare he's better than this and else one who understand me, you're my pal buddy.

So again after a lean rest on bollege's broken chair, I'd like to clarify how teachers are too degrading their values and standards, as follows:

Teachers <Good One>

Student <Want to be Good One>

Society <Want to make Student Einstein, because they're not or maybe the're actually Einstein>

"now again society forces the Student to Learn More and More to Serve his future, and yes, he does that because of toilet paper sized profit is shown to him by people doing same thing, but they don't or didn't actually achieved it themselves."

"so, student learns from teacher and joins other idiots in his journey and all started doing same thing again, learning"

"finally after learning and not becoming the einstein level, they decide to join a company but comany excuses that we already have einsteins among us, we don't want you, so after all ass-pain the Student becomes disappointed and choses to teach others the same shit and saying to them, you should become enistein, because I wansn't one of them, its on you and you have to do it."

Now, the scene changes.

Teachers <Students turned into teachers, become not the good one but Liar, Showing the Fake Glory>

Student <again, Want to be Good One, but if teacher is not Good One then he'll become ass-hole>

Society <great one, Society never changes>

"This Cycle will go onn like that just because we put our plans to someone elses life and tell them to complate it, whatever you like is a second thing but the first thing you've to do is to complete our Dream, the Dream of Anonymous Society, we don't even know their names, but we trust them for out future, we rely on their guidance"

"We say the're so intelligent they know everything about this field but my friend, they told you to go into this, then why the hell you're saying they're smart enough to decide your future"

Oh, I remember the topic was the future of Education System, I always forget the Subject.

What else, you're already too big to understand what am I saying, don't rely on others to plan your future. Make it on your own and do whatever you'd like to do, If like Arts, go for it, you can become better than Picasso, who knows, Join Science if you're interested in it by heart not by heard. Make possible the Impossible, I know This System will cause more student's suicides but there's no need, life is not a pain, its about life so whay waste this single life.



Ghazi Khan /u/mgks

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BC suck this Education System YOLO
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Peace dude, make it work YOLO way !
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