Loads of Garbage and new version to release

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Infeeds V2.O will be released on October 7th and the garbage system will be changed forever, no more ads what people are posting, but can have their own communities to share with.

I too thought to work on Android but, I don't think I can do more than just a little update with few fixes but it can help for a while. I don't know how many people are willing to use Infeeds as their main sharing network but as far I can think, its going to be the best option for everyone on Internet to share, words to files.

Well Its a long run to wait and watch, what's going to happen, let's make this world more open and sharing by independent ways to share expressions and thoughts.

Better in Infeeds V2.O:

  • New and easy interface

  • Topics removed, Directories took their place, you'll soon know why

  • Directories are customizable with more stats and more features

  • Photos Upload mechanism changed, direct upload and share

  • Updated Anonymous Access

  • Quick preview, GIF Play

  • Rich Texteditor remove, simple textarea with some allowed HTML tags

  • Better stucture to find pages+New easy to navigate design

  • Plugins for external websites/blogs

  • Official Assets to download

  • New Help Center

  • Updated Terms and Privacy, yes, updated

  • New Comment Threading Mechanism, easy and nice

  • New AMA

  • Updates for activities

I don't remember else, try it and give your reviews. The Server Downtime will be between 6-7 October from mid-night IST. See you on Infeeds V2.O (yes its O, not zero)


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