Join Infeeds and Work with India's very own Social Startup, yes its a Job Offer

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Join Infeeds Team and become a part of India's very own Social Startup. We are at our very early stage rightnow and ready to build a team with spirit of ready to do anything to dreams possible.

Infeeds is not just a Dream for the Company, its the Helping hand for People over Internet who want to share something and to be noticed by someone else. Want to make their Voice Louder to reach Govenments and the Society around us.

Infeeds helps everyone without any Premium Service for Extra Charge so please don't worry, we're not hiring you to steal someone's money. We want you to create a Developers commmunity which will be known by its name worldwide.

I know I write too much crap and before going to the topic. So now the Job Part. We want these Person to work with us.


1. A Good PHP Developer, 1 Person

To Work on Infeeds Backend Functions with me and please a little friendly because I'm not that hard person to carry on with Strict talks about coding, no bots please.


2. Web Designer, 1 Person

Yes, one bloody Web Designer who can wake up the dead with his CSSheets, I really want you. Behaviour is not the matter but your talent does.


3. A Data Analyst who can Manage Advertisements, 1 Person (but work of upto 5 people, yes)

Are you the really one who can manage Advertisements and Analyze Data to help Infeeds manage its statistics to change our strategies.


All Posts Explained above are just for 3 Persons because I can't afford a place to fit more people in. If you are ready to do it, first, you must make your mind open, you're going to work for people and yourself not for me or anybody else. One more thing, I can't give you money or maybe if we not got any Investor, I can't pay you at first but I can give you some comany stocks, and you know what it is but you just have to believe in Yourself because you'll have that opportunity in your own hands to make it big, and yes I believe you can do it and can change this world with your idea.

I truly will appreciate your Ideas and Suggestions and if you want I can tag your name in it too, so don't worry I'm not that bad to work with. We're rightnow located at Haridwar, Uttarakhand but can switch if the plan suggests and it will be better if you've no problem with location.

If you want to know more about Infeeds, I can't, just check out the whole website and figure out its own definition by yourself and send me.

Here's what to send in mail and yes, I don't want to see your Report Card or Education, whether you're failed or topped the univesity. Just mail me, I want to hear from you, what you can do. Send your Full Name, Permanent Email, Phone Number, Applied for Position, Bank Account No.(just kidding, don't dare to mail me this shit, no bribe please), Location and what you've done so far (if any), what you can do for the company more than the post you're applying and last a lovely message if you want to say something to me as a friend.

Contact Information:
Ghazi Khan (,
Uttarakhand (India)

note: don't use the contact through infeeds, I think it needs more work!


Ghazi Khan /u/mgks

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