Is Music Haram (Not Allowed) in Islam? Or its just a flu spread by Muslims after Prophet?

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First of all you should know that any opinion of islamic scholars has to be respected and those scholars know much more about the prophet, his sayings/teachings [Ahadeeth] and Islam at all. To pick up as a "normal" muslim some Ahadeeth is a poor argumentation. If the scholars are arguing about an islamic controversial issue who are we to judge anyone of them or to declare something as forbidden [haram]? At the end we should never split each other just because we have different opinions, it's extremely naive, because we have much more in common than differences. We pray 5 times a day, perform Hadj, fast Ramadan, give charity [Zakat] and the most important we believe in the one and only Allah. Even in the best marriage there are different opinions which have to be respected.

Regarding music we have different opionios and YOU can chose by yourself which opinion you follow. Music at the time of the Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) was often connected with sex and alcohol. You will never find any verse in the Quran where is written that music alone is forbidden; it's always mentioned with Zina [adultery] and/or alcohol.

Some scholars say that Music at all is forbidden - no instruments, because you can easily get distracted by Shaytan who will distract you from the important islamic issues like prayer. But also your faith can be decreased. Some scholars say that just an arabic drum [duff] is allowed.

On the other side there are some scholars who say music is allowed as long as you don't forget the important duties in Islam. They allow all instruments as long as the content of the music isn't against the islamic morale.

Now you can decide what you want. If someone asks me what I know I always tell him both sides AND I tell also that the first group of scholars has a stronger opinion [more scholars support it] but I never say Haram or Halal. If there are scholars who say Halal how can I say Haram? And I show always bpth opinions because I respect noth opinions and because it's everyones choice which way he wants to go. At the end both groups used what is in their power to go the eight path - so both opions are islamic right.

Here more detailed for those who need more:

Totally Written By - Issam Bayan


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