Infeeds Server successfully moved to Mumbai Data center but few faults caused data loss

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On December 30, 2014 we successfully moved Infeeds Server to India from US but few faults caused Data Loss from Infeeds Database, we're not fully confirmed how much exactly feeds and stufffs are lost. But we've a rough log.

  • All User Accounts and their Information is safe
  • No Conversation Loss
  • No File Loss
  • Note Updates are safe
  • No Notification Loss
  • About 3000 last feeds are missing including Stacks
  • Ping system has re-started and we almost lost about 1.2mn pings data
  • All Topics are available and safe
  • Comments are safe
  • About 500 Domains Lost
  • All Settings are Safe
  • No Connection Loss, following people and joining topics
  • No Search Loss

Its been a really hard week for us to let this happen but we apologize for this mistake it was happened because of quick decisions made to start the server as soon as possible. Well its been a nice though, we've seen people sharing education, news and love here. Its been a really nice year with you all and hope will be better this year, so let's welcome year 2015. And we take a pledge and promise, no more data loss on Infeeds we'll make it the best as possible.

Ghazi Khan (@mgks)


Ghazi Khan /u/mgks

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its okay but try to make it more secure next time
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