Infeeds FeedBlog will be out in March this year and what I feel about writing Blogs

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FeedBlog Prototype test was successfully accomplished this week and decided to be out in March, its a really happy moment for me to have such achievement. In actual mean its a really big thing for me do shuch things, I never thought I can travel this far.

Really far but still there some thing inside me that is making me stop at the moment, i.e. working alone at my room nights and day. It was kind of fun at first but after all I just fed up with things and now trying to ignore myself, even I don't know why am I doing this but yes I'm doing this.

People who believe in startups even at times of hurdles, you are the one who can make things walk. But this thought is little fading from my mind and making me ill day by day. The more I think, the more I make myself feel I'm failed in what I want to do.

Maybe no-one will read my blog in future but this may too can happen, people remember me forever, who knows what's going to happen. I don't too !

Well, at last its a good thing to own a blog. You can write what-so-ever you want to share to this world. Either if anyone reads you or not, atleast you've a part in Internet Information.

Rightnow, I'm college Intetnet Library and waiting for my father to drive home. Its a shady monsoon time and weather is little cold.

Sometimes I feel like going on to some mountain and feel the free and fresh air around the trees and forest. See the call of nature and capture some dark photographs with wild animals. Its already too dark inside people's heart.

Believe me, writing blog is just amazing and I'm feeling so good rightnow. Soon I'll have my own FeedBlog:, I wish this link working, if not then its still not the time Infeeds launched FeedBlog. If yes, then I'm alive and still not working after year 2015, probably I'm dead.


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