How to Create a CMS Website Easily (Without Programming)

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In this time of Running Future, everyone atleast wants to take part in the Social World. Websites are one of best options to take part in it, its a sure thing that not everyone knows programming or data structures. For them there is a best option developed to be a part of daily updating social life.

Haven't you listened about CMS Static Websites ? No need to worry, if you want to make your own website when you listen others talking about theirs. How they are becoming famous, people are commenting on their stupid status updates. So need to worry at all, i think i'm talking that stupid thing too. Lets go on track now.

CMS (Content Management System) is an application that defines the manage sectors of a site that helps you to go with the flow and easily install on your server. If you are new to Web and in hurry to create a website of your own to explain yourself to world or your knowledge and too want to make money easily, then i must recommend that you use CMS static Website.

How CMS works-

Plus Points of a Static Website using CMS-

1. No need to have knowledge of coding.
2. Not much money is required to setup a CMS Static Website.
3. Totally no need to hire any professional to work on your site.
4. Half of SEO work will be done by your ISP (some are still sleeping, who doesn't).
5. Advertising Programs are pre-installed in some Hosts.

Some Best Static CMS Applications-

#1 WordPress (its as easy as even my mom can use that)

Mainly Used for Blogging sites and Really easy to navigate with multi admin functions. WordPress does it work well and became one of the best CMS of time with total changing interface. Its a best one CMS application for First Time Users !

#2 Joomla (somehow tricky)

You can say that Joomla is growing day by day as its a part of top website we surf daily. It not only comes with Blogging, it can be transformed to some other kinds of website with easy plugins.

#3 Drupal

Its a Nice one too with multi working functions. I don't wanna talk about it anymore !

I hope the above content must help you and you can go further by yourself i think. Write your Views and Questions if You have any, on #CODEmgks i'll sure try to reply you !


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