How much creepy is North Korean Kids' songs

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I'm literally scared of these songs, but once you start it you just can't stop listening to the "The Po Po Song" or "The Potato Song" not because you like them because you'll be scared to the curse what will happen if you stop listening them.

The video that scared me most is the kids with guitars, that's almost of their own size and weight. Fuck that pitch, how the hell they prepared for that? Magical Babies?

We all know about North Korean Propagandas, but I'm not too serious to talk about that. Its just about how scary these people are with fake internet and 1980's TV channels with SD quality, about 360px..

Well, too much is happening in our counties, but North Korean's don't care about outer world, they think we are the best and yes they are until they know about the outer world.

Sometimes I think, what would have happened if our ancient Ancestors have seen Computer suddenly after developing fire, they'd be dead by heart attack and I think same thing will happen with North Koreans if they found out what the outer world looks like and what's already happened here, we're already so fucked up.

I've read that they have one or two TV channels, oops, I forgot, most of them don't have TVs because of just US $2-$3/day of income. Maybe their banks can give loans. What? Okay. We don't know even they have banks or not because no body has any money.

Well, Marry Christmas North Korea. Yeah, I just written this note while listening to your creepy kids song "North Korea Kids Outrageously Performing".

Ghazi Khan /u/mgks

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