Hollywood Celebrities Prom Pictures, before we know them

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Prom is a huge moment in many teenagers' lives. It can truly be a whirlwind of emotions leading up to the big dance. Who's going to ask you as their date? What are you going to wear? Will someone have the same dress as you? Will your mom embarrass you in front of all the other parents when you're taking pictures? (Probably.) Where's the after party? Are Tammy and Joey going together even though they broke up?

It's somewhat comforting to know that even the most famous of pop stars like Bruno Mars, Adam Levine and Demi Lovato all experienced the broad range of emotions that come with attending a high school prom. Just think, Usher had to work up the courage to ask a date to prom. Usher! One of the sexiest men to ever walk the planet! And beauties like Britney Spears have to wonder whether they'll look good enough for their date, something that seems absolutely laughable now.

So, strap on your dancing shoes, fasten your corsages and boutonnieres, and grab your date as we look back on these celebrity prom pictures.

Britney Spears at Prom

Britney Spears' prom dress is about as Southern glitzy as it gets. We are pretty confident that it could get it's own "Toddlers and Tiara" spin-off show.

Though Brit Brit hails from Kentwood, La., she attended high school at Parklane Academy in nearby McComb, Miss. She looks poised to take over the Prom Queen's throne in this picture, and how could she not? She was probably the hottest girl in school.

We don't know who her date was, but he was one lucky guy! Bet he did't know he'd one day be telling his grandkids that he took Britney Spears to the big dance. "Yeah, okay, Grandpa." *eye roll*

Patrick Stump at Prom

We're willing to bet that some pop stars are super embarrassed of their prom photos, but we really hope Fall Out Boy's Patrick Stump is not. He looks almost exactly the same as he did as a student at Glenbrook South High School in Glenview, Ill., around the year 2002!

The teenaged Stump was amazingly dapper in his all black suit with white boutonniere and black-framed glasses. We wouldn't be surprised if we saw Patrick sporting this look on the red carpet!

His date was probably a nice girl, but she also may have broken his heart and inspired some of Fall Out Boy's best tracks. Bet she's kicking herself now!

Most importantly, however, does anyone else see the resemblance between P. Stumps and British crooner Ed Sheeran? Maybe they are brothers from another mother?

Rihanna at Prom

The picture above is not really from Rihanna's prom. The "Diamond" singer acted as a celebrity date on the MTV show "Once Upon a Prom" in 2007.

Her date, Richard, who seemed ready to throw up in his mouth before meeting her, doesn't seem like the smoothest cat around, so we can imagine he was the toast of the prom with RiRi in tow. She seemed like a great sport and did dish that it was the first prom she had ever been to. Fame shouldn't get in the way of every single starlet getting to go to prom.

Wiz Khalifa at Prom

Cheer up, Wiz Khalifa! You're about to go to prom! We know your beloved Amber Rose won't be your date, but judging by your outfit, your date will probably be wearing a smokin' hot pink dress!

We have two theories: Wiz either looks ticked because he's being dragged to prom, or just because he's really high. We're going to go with the latter on that one.

Khalifa presumably still went by Cameron when he attended prom at Taylor Allderdice High School in Pittsburgh, Penn. around the year 2005. Fast forward years later and he's still sporting white tuxedos, though the location has changed from a school gymnasium to the red carpet at the Grammys.

Taylor Swift at Prom

Judging from the pictures of Taylor Swift on the web, she was no stranger to being asked to prom, something that doesn't surprise us a bit, seeing as she has quite the storied past with the male folk. One of her prom dates could have even inspired a song!

The "22" songstress was well on her way to becoming a mega superstar when she was in high school, but that didn't stop her from cuttin' rug at the prom at Hendersonville High School in Tennessee!

We also must note that T.Swizzle's prom dress was white, which still remains one of her go-to colors on the red carpet.

Adam Levine at Prom

Adam Levine looks poised to step in for Jim Carrey or Jeff Daniels' characters in "Dumb and Dumber" in this getup.

Bravo to the Maroon 5 frontman for not just matching his vest to his date's dress, but his whole dang outfit. It takes a real man to sport a white tux with coattails. Coattails, people!

This prom picture, snapped before the big dance at the Brentwood School in Los Angeles circa 1996, is possibly one of the most '90s prom photos ever. Spiked hair? Check. Date wearing dark lipstick and dark nail polish? Check. The only thing missing are a couple pairs of Doc Martens and flannel plaids over their formal wear. All systems are go for Operation '90s Prom.

Usher at Prom

Usher is as smooth as the day is long, so perhaps that's why he looks the coolest in his prom picture. The "Climax" performer attended prom at North Springs High School in Atlanta around 1996.

We find it funny that he and fellow "Voice" coach Adam Levine attended high school at the same time and both opted for bright white tuxedos to wear to the prom. It's like they were destined for each other! However, Usher either didn't coordinate with his date, or they couple went for a white and red theme with their outfits. Either way, he looks dapper.

Lance Bass at Prom

Lance Bass perhaps has the greatest and most famous prom date of all, none other than Danielle Fishel, AKA Topanga Lawrence of "Boy Meets World".

Actually, Lance Bass was accompanying his girlfriend at the time, Fishel, to her prom at Calabasas High School. Since then, Fishel has posed for Maxim and gotten engaged to her longtime beau, and Bass has appeared on "Dancing With the Stars" and come out as gay' but back in 1999, the twosome were probably the it couple at the dance, with one being a successful actress and the other as 1/5th of the biggest boy band on the planet. In today's standards, this would be like if Harry Styles took Jennifer Lawrence to prom.

If they didn't win Prom King and Queen, we're just going to say it - THEY WERE ROBBED.

Demi Lovato at Prom

Demi Lovato was bullied so much in high school, that she actually finished her education via home schooling. But since the "Heart Attack" singer is such a good friend, she kept a promise to her BFF, Nolan Narddechia.

The pair made a pact with each other in the kindergarten that Demi would accompany her friend to the prom in Dallas, Texas. Nolan lucked out taking the Disney star to his dance, seeing as the two arrived to the event in a Rolls Royce. We're guessing the pop star had a little something to do with that!

The singer tweeted before the 2010 prom, "A promise made in kindergarten finally coming true" - Prom with Nolan! This just proves Demi is a beautiful person inside and out.

Bruno Mars at Prom

Bruno Mars' prom picture is probably our favorite photo of all time, prom or not.

The "Locked Out of Heaven", crooner attended the prom at President Theodore Roosevelt High School in Honolulu, Hawaii, when his fro was still intact and looking fresh to death.

Like a good prom date, Bruno matched his purple lei (do they use those instead of boutonnieres in Hawaii?) to his leading lady's purple silk dress. We can imagine Mars, who presumably went by his given name Peter Hernandez back then, was the perfect date.

Courteney Cox at Prom

That's a mighty big corsage there, Miss Courteney Cox. And who told you a button-up jumper dress with a turtleneck was proper prom attire?

Where's a celebrity stylist when you need him?

Thankfully for Courteney, this is all rectified by that adorable smile on her face and the fact that it was 1980. Everyone had an out in the '80s.

This snap was taken at Cox's sophomore year prom, long before she was Monica Geller on "Friends" or Mrs. David Arquette (or the ex-Mrs. Arquette).

Judging by that bouquet on her arm, she was either just in a pageant (not a full glitz one, surely) or her date didn't know how prom worked.

Calm down there, buddy' the corsage alone probably would have been just fine.

Jennifer Aniston at Prom

Not to be outdone by her "Friends" costar, Jennifer Aniston makes us all glad we waited a few years to copy her hairstyle.

Thank goodness "The Rachel" came much later' and at the hands of a professional.

Jen chose to go for a simple approach to her prom, wearing a plain black dress (she still wears lot of those), a dangling necklace and a gold shrug' all of which did nothing to detract from the crimping-iron-related mishap on her head.

Going with her is probably her prom date's shining achievement (one we imagine he now talks about ad nauseam), although judging by his strange claw hands, he was all kinds of nervous. And that was even before he knew she'd someday marry Brad Pitt.

Will Ferrell at Prom

Being a tiara-wearing dude either screams I'm gonna be a rich, successful comedian someday! or I'm gonna be that 40-year-old loser who still works at a gas station someday!

Fortunately for Will Ferrell, it was the former.

Glad to see he always had a sense of humor. Do you think he stole his date's crown? Do you think she ever spoke to him again or was she too concerned he would steal all her other accessories too?

Ferrell once said that in his high school years, he was a founding member of the school Reptile Club' but despite his love of scaly creatures, he still won the coveted title of Winter Ball Prince.

Yeah, there are like a million jokes to be made there.

Christina Aguilera at Prom

In the prom coup of the century, Christina Aguilera had a wicked threesome with the geekiest guy in school, proving she was "Dirrty" even back then.

Thanks for making duck-lips before they were cool, ladies.

Unfortunately for X-Tina, when she went to her boyfriend's senior prom way back in 1999, the other girls snubbed her all night. And when her hit single "Genie in a Bottle" was played, everyone refused to dance.

Ouch. That's enough to make a girl wish for a little pig's blood to throw around.

Taylor Lautner at Prom

Taylor Lautner's hair was well-primed for "Twilight" werewolf stardom even in its younger days.

He left school when he was a sophomore to take part in the popular movie franchise, but he and his ambitiously-gelled hair returned especially for prom night (which, judging by his 'do, must have had a full moon).

Your average nobody probably wouldn't have been granted such a privilege, but obviously the school knew that his abs would one day be famous' so he was allowed to embarrass himself along with the rest of his classmates.

Natalie Portman at Prom

Eeep, look at adorable Natalie Portman with her baby face and the dress she probably got on sale at the Deb shop. (Hey, it was 1999' you know she totally got it there.)

The prom took place at the Waldorf-Astoria hotel in New York, but due to a snafu on her date's end, they had nowhere to go afterwards and Portman and her tan lines' magical night ended with some good old-fashioned groping in an automobile.

As she explained, "The guy I went with messed up his plans. There were no reservations (where we were supposed to stay) and we ended up sleeping in a car."

Dude. Is that how you treat future Oscar winners? Past You needs a backup plan.

Fergie at Prom

Oh, Fergie. A navy blue velvet dress with rhinestones and long white gloves?

We're just glad we don't have to see what the lower half looks like. It probably wasn't very Fergilicious.

Unfortunately for her prom date, Vincent Dean Malicek, he will forever be known as "the guy who took Fergie to prom".

That wouldn't have been such a bad claim to fame, except he was later sentenced to eight years in the clink for armed robbery and was literally referred to in news stories as "the guy who took Fergie to prom".

Which probably didn't give him a terribly fearsome rep in the exercise yard.

Michelle Obama at Prom

Our apologies to Michelle Obama for circulating this.

You've come a long way to become a style icon, madam First Lady. A very long way.

So much to talk about 'the wicker, the hair, the gold silken dress with three-dimensional polka dot accents (that matches the decor), the jacket with the same unfortunate color and style, and the thigh-high split on her gown.

Of course that sliver of skin is the best thing going here. Because even back then, our gorgeous FLOTUS had it goin' on.

Snooki at Prom

Who is that petite, overly tanned girl in the light blue dress, you ask? It's Snooki, of course.

But even back when she was just plain old Nicole Polizzi, she already had her signature pouf in place.

The "Jersey Shore" star went to her junior prom with one of her friends (not pictured) and then hung out with this guy, whom we love just for the fact that he wore a white leisure suit to a public event that wasn't a costume party.

The Snook says that her dress was a bargain she got at JC Penney. But the tan, we're sure, didn't come cheap.

Brad Pitt at Prom

We imagine that when this girl tells her friends Brad Pitt took her to the prom, no one quite believes her. And that's when she gets to whip this picture out of her wallet and invite everyone to giggle at Mr. Pitt's almost-mullet.

On the plus side, his teeth look great.

It's cool, though. This Kickapoo High School (yeah, we know) graduate can tell a great story about how Angelina Jolie's man taught her how to dance to the Michael Jackson song 'Rock With You.

And since she wore a white dress, she can always use these pics if she ever wants to imagine her fantasy wedding to Brad.

(Oh, don't act like you'd be above that if he took you to prom. You'd be introducing yourself as Mrs. Pitt and you know it.)


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