Help Writing Infeeds Terms and Conditions, best suit for Open Web

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Infeeds Terms and Services aren't wrote still and even Infeeds Help Center is not Complete with all Questions and Suggestions.

I just decided to write Terms and Conditions with reference to a new open web and want help of you guys, Infeeds users know better what kind of network they want. All kind of suggestions and Feedbacks will be collected by any of you.

Let's take an oath to make web more private and open, not to share private contents with 3rd Parties or Selling it to Companies. I completely promise Infeeds users, that we'll never sell your data to 3rd Parties and on request about users personal data by any government organisation will be first notified to user and will depend on users decision to make it available to the selected organisation or not.

Be Calm while sharing your threads, I'll keep all of your suggestions and we all together will make a better network.

Let's make web More Open and Make things Private that needs to be Private.


Ghazi Khan /u/mgks

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