Feeling too much pain, how to live in a world where everyone is chasing you to prove wrong? My Life is looking like waste when someone says I'm not me

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Things are not stable in my life, as time is going on and I'm meeting new people, most of them are found to be appreciable but they aren't enough to fill harms caused by people you hate you for no reason. Many of my classmates are doing the same thing to me, they hate me endlessly and many of them not miss even a single chance to embers me. Want to cry but these things always remember me, I've more than that, more people love me then hate. So why should I care about those shits, time goes on and leaves shed and once again new leaves breath.

Hmm..... Weight in heart but, no worries :)
May Allah bless them and give them more than they want. They are the actual ones who charge me up. Thank You so much and James Blunt Songs really work.

Hah, nervous about future but more nervous about people's thinking, what they think about me and about my work, some of those are living and wasting their lives on me to prove I'm fake. How amazing to find out someone is breathing just to put you down, are you that big thing? Haha, please don't do this to me, I'm not this big on whom you can waste your life.

Well, writing blog really helps my compressed data go outside like heat from chimney.

Though, people whom I believed can be my mate for further work sharing are making themselves asshole face. I really hate you EDUCATION, you are the real problem for people who want to make change and India, if you don't change your Education System, student suicides will increase every year.

Shit, I wrote too many things to make my heart calm above but I'm still feeling like they are still planning to erase my Identity and more concentrated on me then their work and future plans, oops I just forgot, they don't make plans. THEY JUST FOLLOW OTHERS and if anyone goes far from them they feel pissed and try to get him back to ground. You men, got my salute, you are real asses to waste your time instead to making yourselves better in something.

And I'm not going to give a single eye to my college papers, go to hell my friend education, I'm a frustrated Indian and really hate you.

And last words for those who hate others if they get little attention from world, you people should die, its better than hating someone just because they're better than you in something, instead of looking what you're better at and if you can't do it on your own please stop saying no-one can do that. Today one said you can't do processing within two days (inside: you're fake ghazi, I know you can't do anything because people notice you). Really, Hate you people.

I always promoted people in my life for what they want to do. But no-one does the same thing to me, that's what makes me hate you more than anything.

And last thing, I'll never stop. Hate me, Come with Me. Its your choice !

Ghazi Khan


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