FeedBlog P6: Life is beoming more blunder and stupid as shit

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Today, I just left my chemistry class to write this shit for myself maybe but marked as public. Sometimes, I just want peace nothing else, but no-ones wants to give it because they don't have it either.

After a GD Class, (I talked very little in that) there are two more classes are to be done, but I'm going to attend none. After writing this and copying games from college PC to PD, just heading back to home. Again that feeling of pain inside to not able to figure out what am I going to do next. many people are waiting to see what am I going to do now.

Failure in the class, hero in the Pirates but with an exclaimation, why and I still studying what I don't want to.

I want to learn computers, only that perticular thing, please someone help me out with this. I know I'm too small to change it alone, but no other student is with me. They want the change but they're not ready to make any effort. So domn' idiots, they just study and waste thier hours of time on topics they've nothing to do with.

Have a great day bye.


Ghazi Khan /u/mgks

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same here mgks, tabhi to clg nahi aa rha XD life is amazing and at the same time its horrable, one suggestion., dont think, just do it
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