FeedBlog P5: FeedBlog Series finally dead with my Laziness, Make in India and More Discussion on Humanity

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Here's the story, how I killed my FeedBlog and became a political thinker. How I left amazing programming thoughts and started thinking about Human Life and Politics to make a better India.

Mr. Modi said foreign companies to make in India but I want to add one more thing to it, Made in India. That time will be the real revolution of my country when people will stop thinking about working in some others company instead of Indian companies, I know I'm going out of topic again but what can I do, things are just complex like that.

I believe our Prime Minister, but no-one is cleaning even their houses. Students are the biggest shit on this planet who just go around in circles and one day forget how to get out of that, hats off to those who go schools for knowledge, not for Degrees or Certificates.

These days Terror Activities are increased and I believe this must be stopped now, no-matter what history they have, we have present to do something but if we don't now, we for sure have no future.

Almost everyday I read on Facebook, Twitter and other social websites about how much people hate Islam. Even one of my programmer friend said, Muslims must be deported out of USA or they'll kill us. I don't know what to react on that because if I stand against that act, they'll say I'm threatening them. He started posting half-defined verses of Quran and argued about the Quran is not a good book to follow because it says that and that. I don't know what book you read my friend but what I read doesn't says that. Anyone of us is wrong for sure about the book.

This far I lived my life in between hindus at really beautiful and sacred place near the Ganga. I'm really hounored one who bord between two sacred places of two major religions of India. But the fact is not about me, this is how I lived my life with most of hindu friends or I say best friends. And I love this society, living in between pandits and imams. I read Quran, Geeta and making some time for Bible too and many others to do so in future but these half educated people mess it all up.

I don't have much time to explain Books verses but everythings conclusion comes to one end, there is only one God. So please stop blaming muslims for all things wrong. Hindus are blaming muslims for everything happening, Christians are saying to deport muslims but a Jews helped me out, and that's the damn humanity.

People are getting so aggressive because of Leaders and Politics. I love this country, this is my responsibility too to take care of this nation but its not my responsibility if some extrimist bombs someone. I don't even know that person, so why I accept the blame of bombing.

I don't want my nation to diversify, I want a United India where people respect each others rituals, free speech is not for hurting feeling, An India where students study to gain knowledge not degree and able to lead a corporation on their ability.

Why Infeeds is still not that big as I supposed. Above texts explain it all.


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