FeedBlog P3: Huh, ISC Exams will be out within few hours

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India I love you, Exams I hate you but there is no other way to distinguish them, too bored of listening "Get more Marks, Get a Better College, Get a Better Degree, Get a Better Job and then you are free to do anything you want to do with life.", REALLY INDEPENDENT??

Sometimes I think what if India wasn't out of British Rule, maybe we don't have to learn that hard. Atleast I'm not, definitely. Why Exams are really necessary I'm still confused, after 8th standard I think i wasted my four years in School, TOTAL WASTE !!

My parents think i'm an ass, can't do anything.... C'mon, i created this thing and feeling too proud writing these craps on it because i believe it can work for other people too. Its too Helpful atleast I believe that, my mother and father both are really eager FOR ME to do something really fast and vast, but i don't i want to do more realiable and sweet things in my life. I want to learn as much as I can, too bad english really hate that. Learn more technologies, more programs, more future and anything that can make human life more easy and better to  live than before.

EVERYTIME I just go out of topic, lets Rollback..........

WHY Exams, after about 3 hours.....worst time of my life is going to start, just waiting for ISC 2014 results supposed to be out at 3PM and I'm still findind some place to hang myself because I haven't find any yet.

Insha'allah, everything will be postive {help me GOD}. My father will kill me for my grades.


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