FAQ: How to Find IP and MAC Address of your Personal Computer, MAC Book and other Devices

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Microsoft Windows -

1. For IP (Logical Address) Open Command Prompt and type:


This command will show all your Windows IP configurations where you can look out for even your IPv6 address, and your Public IP is at IPv4 Address, at the starting.

2. For MAC (Physical Address) again in Command Prompt type:


This will show all your physical address and transport devices, your alive device is your PC and Disconnected Media are other devices.


Apple OS X -

1. There are many ways to see your Device IP, I chose two easy ones:

  • Click on Upper left icon of apple.
  • Select System Preferences.
  • Click on Network.
  • Select your connection type, you can see your IP in the Status Section.

2. Second way is to find Public IP, Open OS X Terminal, you can find it from Utilities Section of your Application Folder. Again type same command as Windows:


and enjoy your OS X IP Address. Next,

3. For MAC Address repeat the first step of OS X, as shown in the picture above. Click on the Button visible at the right bottom side of window "Advanced...", this will show your MAC Address.


Linux, Ubuntu and their Family -

1. For Linux/UNIX/BSD/Unixish Public IP, type following command similar in most devices in the command line:



/sbin/ifconfig | less

even or, on Solaris and other Unixish OSes you may need to type ifconfig command with -a, like:

/sbin/ifconfig -a

the output will result your IPv4 Address as inet addr and IPv6 as inet6 addr.

2. For MAC, run the same code and look at the Ethernet HWaddr for your MAC Address.

3. Under Linux Based Systems, open command line and type:

ip addr show

again output will be similar to above one as being of same OS Family. Just Look at the inet for Public IP(IPv4) and inet6 for IPv6.

4. Linux MAC Address comes from same above command:

ip addr show

at link/ether, you'll be able to see your MAC Address.


Android OS -

Go to your Device Settings > About Device(About Phone) > Status. And Done you can see there your IP Address {if available} and your MAC Address.



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